Counting to Seven

Today it is the seventh anniversary of my cancer surgery. I am grateful beyond words for the seven years of life I have enjoyed since that fateful day. I have not forgotten that my surgeon first told me I was a stage three case. My prospects were a 45% chance I would be alive in five years. There has been no sign of cancer since January 2012.
Thank you family and friends for supporting my spirits, taking me to treatments, and for your prayers for me.
Thank you, Cook County Stroger Hospital And Adventist Hospital for providing me with care when I was without health insurance.
Thank you students at DePaul University and Roosevelt University for your patience with me as I underwent treatment.
Thank you authors and readers of my and so many WordPress blogs for your encouragement and advice. Some of you are gone from WordPress, some from this earthly plane, but you are not forgotten–especially Laura Lynn, Lori, and Micheal.
Thank You, Lord, for the gift of more life. I know I have not deserved it. Better people than I have perished from this horrible disease. I will continue trying to do what I can to help others in their hour of need.