What breast cancer awareness should mean:

by NotDownOrOut

October is the month when society focuses the public’s attention on the cause of breast cancer research. I’m going to use the next month to share postings by some of the courageous people I have met online who are responding to diagnoses of breast cancer.

I used to accept the PINK breast cancer culture: pink ribbons on yogurt containers and everything else. If you read the breast cancer blogs as I now do, you get an education on how deceptive some of the breast cancer charities and activities can be. The pink ribbons on products may have nothing to do with charitable activity. Moreover, some advertisers put pink ribbons on products that offend breast cancer patients. For example, naked starlets with pink bows endorse the cause when they really advertise their own careers. Last year someone had bare-breasted women jump out of planes and called it a breast cancer fundraiser. Outrageous! Breast cancer is not something you can wrap with a pink ribbon. Moreover, the word these days is that we’re curing cancer. No. We are disfiguring people to remove precancerous conditions that might never become cancer and calling people cured. We’re encouraging women who have no signs of cancer to undergo mastectomies and calling that prevention. Thirty percent of people who do have breast cancer will not be cured. They will develop cancer that spreads and compromises the length and quality of their remaining lifetimes. We spend very little of the enormous amount raised by breast cancer charities on those with metastatic cancer. Yet 30% of those with breast cancer will have metastasis.

Read more about this in this posting. Give generously to the cause of finding effective treatment and cures of cancer, but give wisely. Allocate your efforts to charities that have their priorities on what matters, not on what is pink. Try http://www.METAvivor.org/Donate.html. Save lives through research that focuses on the lives of people with metastasized breast cancer!

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  • Be aware it is a horrific disease that has taken many lives
  • We need to find a CURE, about 30% of people diagnosed with breast cancer at ANY stage will develop distal metastasiswhich is NOT curable todayCure 30
  • This high percent creates a frenzy of lifetime emotions for ALL who have been diagnosed, what if it comes back? For about 1 in 3 it will
  • Cancer is a huge money maker so key players may be in no hurry to see it go away
  • We need to be vigilant that large fund raiser aren’t being misappropriated
  • We have to move past “I bought this cool pinK thing so I’m aware” – aware of what? That breast cancer exist?
  • It is a demoralizing disease that devastates all parties involved — patient, family, friends, doctors, etc.
  • Cancer is an overwhelming whirlwind of information for all involved, most have no idea where to…

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