Liebster Fest

by NotDownOrOut

As I understand it, one of the responsibilities of a Leibster Award winner is to disclose eleven random facts about herself.

Eleven Random Things You Don’t Know About Me

11. I am allergic to eggplant. I am not allergic to any other food. I only became allergic to it in the last ten years. Before that, I loved baba ganoush, eggplant parmesan, and ratatouille. I am not allergic to dust or grass or pollen or pets or any other common item. It is odd that eggplant has become my kryptonite.



10. My driving philosophy is “Lane Loyalty.” Yes, I have a “driving” philosophy. When I am behind the wheel of a car I look out for the cars already in the lane. If you see the sign that says merge left or merge right and instead pull into the lane about to close down, race ahead, and then try to cut back into the line, do not expect my mercy and kindness. Wait in line with everyone else. Read the signs and make adaptations in course in an orderly manner. This driver does not care if you wave your middle finger or curse. After I see that you have been forced to wait a little, then I will let you in, but I do not reward people who ignore lines.


9. I don’t text, IM, or use my cell phone. Oh, I have a cell phone. I carry it with me when I am out and about. But one of my idiosyncrasies is that I like being out of touch for part of the day. I will return your call if you leave a message, but I prefer to answer calls and emails when time permits me to give the matter my full attention. Sounding alarms or repeatedly calling me does not alter my priorities. I like to aim for thoughtful communication. That does not happen when I am driving, working, or contemplating my life.

No cell

8. I love watching the political shows on Sundays. Sometimes I watch them again when they are replayed after the late evening news.


7. I do not have cable TV and my TV is more than twenty years old and needs an adapter and an antenna to receive a signal.


6. My favorite TV shows are Big Bang Theory, Elementary, Saturday Night Live, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Wipe-Out, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, and Doc Martin. I can see all of them on free TV.

Sherlock on BBC

5. I am absolutely terrified by spiders and centipedes. Spiders can bite. Centipedes run at you when you threaten them. That kind of strategy scares me as I smash the centipedes dead.



4. I have a vacuum for every room of my apartment. They come in handy when I encounter a spider or a centipede!

Love my Orecks best!

Love my Orecks best!

3. If I ever have a cat again, he’ll be yellow and I’ll call him Chairman Meow. My prior cats were Mr. Whiskers and Lady Grey.

Yellow cat

2. I collect children’s books written when my mom was a child–like Nancy Drew, Judy Bolton, Maida, the Happy Hollisters, and Honey Bunch.

Judy Bolton

1. I really do have so many “things” that my apartment is a little museum to the memory of my deceased relatives. This picture hung on the wall of my Grandma Elsie’s home. It reads:

I love you when you’re laughing. I love you when you’re sad. I love you when you’re teasing. I love you when you’re glad. I love you when you’re fooling. I love you when you’re true. And the reason why I love you is just because you’re you.


In my next post I will pay it forward by nominating some of the many blogs I follow.