Passed the Test

by NotDownOrOut

I spoke with Dr. H this morning about the small amounts of blood I seem to be passing this week. She already had my CAT scan results and read them to me. No signs of recurrent or metastasized cancer in the abdominal area. I passed the test. She is not bothered by the blood I have been passingĀ and will give me a dipstick for checking that it is from my bladder and no big deal.

At the conclusion of our discussion, she asked me what I thought about the United States Supreme Court’s decision to uphold President Obama’s healthcare plan. The entire plan was not upheld, but the part that requires people to pay a tax if they don’t have insurance will go into effect. I said I just hoped it would make insurance more affordable. Her remark was that we have to buy car insurance. Everyone should be able to get health insurance, too.

Last night was my last night of scheduled classes until school resumes in August. I will be teaching one online class between now and then. I said good-bye to my students and shared their enthusiasm about having finished my class and their paralegal certificate program.

A lot of tests were passed in the last 24 hours. I’m glad that mine was among them.